perGENIE interprets your personal genome

with publicly available databases & your genetic testing data.


Disease risk calculation

Based on the results of genotype-phenotype association studies, i.e., GWAS (Genome Wide Association Studies), perGENIE calculates your genetic risks for diseases.

As a database of GWAS, we use NHGRI GWAS Catalog.


Comparison of two genomes

You can also compare your disease risks with another person, e.g., father and mathor, parents and their children, etc.

Working with VCF & 23andMe

Suppoted input file formats are:

  • VCF (Variant Call Format), a standard data format for DNA sequencing data from NGS.
  • SNP array data from 23andMe, a common direct-to-consumer genetic testing service.

More features are under developping...

About us

perGENIE is being developed and maintained by perGENIE Team.

We host this website ( as a proof-of-concept of perGENIE.

All the reported results from perGENIE are NOT medical diagnosis. They are jsut experimental attempts.

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